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For the best selection of medical and recreational marijuana in Denver, CO, head to Herbal Alternatives. We carry high quality cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and accessories at the best prices possible. With two convenient locations, our New Broadsterdam location (21 years and over) carries medical and retail marijuana while our Sunnyside location (18 years and over) is a medical marijuana dispensary. Our knowledgeable Budtenders can help you explore our diverse selection of cannabis products at both locations. Read on to learn more about the types of cannabis products we carry.

Our Cannabis Products

Bud cannabis dispensary in Denver, CO.
  • Flowers- Typically, strains of marijuana fall into three different categories, indica, sativa and hybrids. Indica flowers give users a relaxed, body-centric high and a good case of the munchies. Sativa is great for use while getting active and gives consumers a creative, uplifting buzz. Hybrids have the best of both indica and sativa flowers bred into them. They give users both the soothing qualities of indica and the energy of sativa. We carry a wide selection of each strain--all at a great price. Our Budtenders can help you pick exactly what you want.
  • Concentrates- Cannabis concentrates have a clean, consistent taste and come in a huge variety of different options, ranging from wax and shatter, highly potent extracts that produce a strong high when inhaled, to CBD oil, a non-psychoactive medical marijuana treatment. Tinctures, which are created by soaking flowers in an alcohol solution, are a discreet way to take cannabis. They can be ingested sublingually (under the tongue) or added to your coffee for a relaxing morning.
  • Edibles- Edibles offer a tasty, discreet way to consume cannabis. Consuming cannabis orally has a slower onset high than if it's inhaled. Edibles contain precise doses so that users know exactly how much THC they are consuming. We have a wide selection of edibles, from candies and lozenges to beverages and the classic pot brownie.
  • Topicals- Cannabis that's contained within a topical can take all sorts of different forms, like jellies, salves, balms and lotions. Any part of the body that needs relief from inflammation, soreness or pain can benefit from a direct application of topical cannabis. Topicals give users the benefits of cannabis without producing a high.
  • Accessories- We have a collection of accessories including bowls, bongs, one hitters, vape pens and vaporizers. Come in today to check out our stock of smoking accessories.

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We've two great stores in Denver to choose from. Our convenient locations, great hours and knowledgeable staff set us apart when it comes to cannabis dispensaries in Denver, CO. Stop by today to shop our great selection of cannabis!