Cannabis Strains in Denver, CO

Herbal Alternatives offers the best bud in Denver, CO.

There are many products available today that can help users enjoy the effects and benefits of cannabis. Marijuana strains have been refined and honed into varying strains to provide specific effects for the consumer. So, whether you need a strain to help with anxiety and sleep or something to enhance an afternoon hike, the Budtenders at Herbal Alternatives can help you decide on the perfect product. Learn more about the types of marijuana strains we carry below.


Indica strains typically have full and broad leaves and a dark purple tint. Their thick leaves contain high THC levels and are generally cultivated to grow in cold, harsh climates. The resulting effects often give users a body-centric, relaxed high. Indica strains are known for producing sleepy, sedative highs that work well for those wanting to settle in and unwind. When used medicinally they can help address insomnia, muscle spasms, pain and anxiety.


Grown to have a fruity and light taste, sativa plants have thin stalks and leaves and were originally grown in temperate climates near the equator. They offer the user a creative buzz that can heighten a consumer’s cerebral activity. Often the choice for daytime activities and creative pursuits, sativa strains also provide excellent treatment for those suffering from depression, mood disorders, ADD and fatigue.


Hybrid strains are bred to give cannabis consumers the best of both worlds. Growing technology has come far enough that cannabis cultivators can isolate different effects from specific indica and sativa strains to create precise types of highs. The Budtenders at Herbal Alternatives know exactly which hybrid strains to choose when a user needs a certain result.

High CBD Strains

For patients who need the benefits of marijuana but don’t want to experience the psychoactive properties that accompany it, high CBD strains are excellent. The cannabidiol present in marijuana gives patients relief from anxiety, pain, seizures due to epilepsy and symptoms of MS without producing a high. CBD can also be consumed in oil form.

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